Greetings Brothers and Sisters of Pi Alpha Nu,

I want to take this time to tell you about the new “Pi Alpha Nu” Scholarship program that the Alumni Association has come up with and plans to start implementing for the Spring 2014 semester. 

The Scholarship will be in the amount of $500.00 a semester, for a total of $1,000.00 a year. We know this is not a lot but we needed to start off with a reasonable amount of money that we can raise through your generous donations. 

The whole purpose of this scholarship is to reward one brother for his outstanding excellence in the school and in the fraternity.  We are hoping that this scholarship will cover most if not all of the brother’s books for the semester. We are counting on you to make this a success. 

Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated. If every brother donates $5.00 we will hit the $1,000 a year mark almost immediately. The University is fully supportive of this endeavor, and is willing to promote the fact that Pi Alpha Nu now has a scholarship through their media outlets. This will be great PR for the active brothers and will create a long lasting positive legacy for Pi Alpha Nu.

How Can You Help?
We are offering what we are calling “Premium Donations”, where all donations of $50.00 or more will get a big shout out on Pi Alpha Nu Facebook Group and Pi Alpha Nu business page.  (Please include your business page info for a shameless plug). The highest bidder will also have the opportunity to choose our next shirt that we will release in the official online store and 100% of the profits will go to funding the scholarship. Also,
the TTAN Scholarship for that semester will be named after the highest bidder. Reach deep, lets really try to make this a huge success. The more you donate the greater this can be.

Whether you interested in becoming a “premium donator” or you just want to donate to a great cause, where we can really do some good for a brother. All donations big or small are welcome. Donations can be sent to through Paypal.

Our goal is to eventually have this scholarship up to $2500.00 a semester; once we hit that mark our scholarship will reach a different level of recognition by the school.
Thank you for your time.  All the details of this scholarship are attached to this email, including what the money will be used for and the requirements to apply for this scholarship.

Pi Alpha Nu Alumni Association - Alpha Chapter